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List:NP Period 5
Start:Apr 23, 2006
End:Apr 23, 2007
Races to Count:7
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Long distance<Mar 25, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship30FreeDistance61:26:38.1486.89
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Medium dist Combined<Mar 21, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship10ClassicDistance120:33:05.1086.51
View RaceHaywood NorAm Canada Cup - World Champ. Trials<Jan 27, 2007Canmore Nordic Centre<Nor-Am Cup10FreeDistance70:30:58.7086.07
View RaceFIS Nordic World Ski Championships<Feb 27, 2007Sapporo<World Ski Championships10Distance6128:09.085.95
View RaceHaywood NorAm Mass Start<Jan 7, 2007Rossland, BC<Nor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance60:48:53.8084.32
View RaceHaywood NorAm Canada Cup - World Champ. Trials<Jan 28, 2007Canmore Nordic Centre<Nor-Am Cup15PursuitDistance80:47:42.7084.27
View RaceJanuary 4, 2007 Individual Start<Jan 2, 2007Rossland BC<Nor-Am Cup5FreeDistance40:14:23.0084.03
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Short dist, Category<Mar 20, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship5FreeDistance90:15:40.3083.85