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List:4th CPL Distance
Start:Mar 16, 2015
End:Mar 16, 2016
Races to Count:7
View Race2015 Haywood Ski Nats Day 4 Classic ABMar 17, 2015Lappe Nordic Ski CentreCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance560:19:34.4063.37
View Race2015 Haywood Ski Nats Day 8 Free TechniqueMar 21, 2015Lappe Nordic Ski CentreCanadian Championship7.5FreeDistance530:25:09.7162.3
View Race2016 Maritime Cup & NB Cup #1Jan 16, 2016CharloRegional Race7.5FreeDistance30:29:41.1060.52
View Race2016 Maritime Cup & NB Cup #2Jan 17, 2016Charlo, NBRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance50:32:37.1060.49
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Cyclery Short Dist/CourteFeb 6, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreRegional Race5FreeDistance1280:18:54.9059.09
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Buff - PrologueFeb 5, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreRegional Race3FreeDistance1690:08:37.1058.09
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Fresh Air Long DistanceFeb 7, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreRegional Race10ClassicDistance570:50:47.3353.45