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List:6th Canadian Seeding List
Start:Mar 10, 2016
End:Mar 10, 2017
Races to Count:7
View RaceEasternCup OpenerDec 17, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor CenterFIS Race5Distance4922:52.370.58
View RaceCEC Jr B Juv Girls 7.5Feb 4, 2017NakkertokRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance5827:53.1070.18
View RaceCoupe Québec #3 ClassiqueFeb 12, 2017OrfordRegional Race10ClassicDistance240:42:48.8070
View RaceEasternCup OpenerDec 18, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor CenterFIS Race5Distance4337:21.168.21
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 2 Cl IntMar 20, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance980:20:05.6067.97
View RaceCEC Prologue Jr B Juv Mid FFeb 3, 2017NakkertokRegional Race3ClassicDistance830:09:06.8067.66
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 8 Cl MassMar 26, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship7.5ClassicDistance510:37:27.2265.43
View RaceCEC Jr B Girls 10Feb 5, 2017NakkertokRegional Race10Distance370:41:30.9065.43
View RaceCoupe Québec Mont-Saint-Anne 2017Jan 14, 2017Mont St AnneRegional Race5FreeDistance330:16:13.3065.13
View RaceCoupe Québec Mont-Saint-Anne 2017Jan 15, 2017Mont St Anne Regional Race5ClassicDistance380:20:29.7064.24