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List:4th CPL Distance
Start:Mar 16, 2015
End:Mar 16, 2016
Races to Count:7
View RaceSki Tour Canada2016Mar 5, 2016Quebec CityStage World Cup10FreeDistance460:26:26.1092.48
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 10, 2016PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance926:25.291.44
View RaceHAYWOOD NORAM - Coupe Québec #2 PoursuiteJan 31, 2016Mont Ste-AnneNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance10:42:28.3091.03
View RaceSki Tour Canada 2016Mar 9, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreStage World Cup15Distance380:44:00.9091.03
View Race2015 Haywood Ski Nats Day 8 Free TechniqueMar 21, 2015Lappe Nordic Ski CentreCanadian Championship30FreeDistance11:23:02.3791.01
View RaceEastern Cup race weekendDec 20, 2015Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VTFIS Race5Distance514:36.891.01
View RaceSki Tour Canada2016Mar 12, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreStage World Cup10ClassicDistance400:37:14.7090.63
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Cyclery Short Dist/CourteFeb 6, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance10:27:10.8089.93
View RaceHaywood NorAM WCC Teck N Cup - Mass Start ClFeb 21, 2016Otway Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance10:46:00.1389.84
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Fresh Air Long DistanceFeb 7, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance20:47:02.2689.56
View RaceCoupe HAYWOOD NORAM - Coupe Québec #2Jan 30, 2016Mont Ste-AnneNor-Am Cup5ClassicDistance10:14:37.3089
View RaceSki Tour CanadaMar 12, 2016Ski Tour CanadaWorld Cup60Distance403:01:40.188.86
View Race2016 Haywood NorAm, AB Cup 2Dec 6, 2015Canmore Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance30:27:21.1188.78
View RaceSki Tour Canada2016Mar 11, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreStage World Cup10FreeDistance440:26:28.1088.75
View RaceFIS World CupJan 23, 2016Nove MestoWorld Cup10Distance5428:32.988.24
View Race2015 Haywood Ski Nats Day 4 Classic ABMar 17, 2015Lappe Nordic Ski CentreCanadian Championship10ClassicDistance30:32:40.9088.06
View RaceSki Tour Canada 2016Mar 2, 2016MontrealStage World Cup10.5ClassicDistance480:35:18.1087.5
View RaceHaywood NorAm Int Dist FT, SLNCDec 13, 2015Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance40:31:33.3087.07
View RaceHaywood NorAm WCC - Interval Start - FTFeb 19, 2016Otway Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup7.5FreeDistance50:19:54.8086.93
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 9, 2016PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance2333:28.184.4
View Race2016 Haywood NorAm, AB Cup 1Dec 5, 2015Canmore Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup5ClassicDistance170:15:41.4080.27