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List:Period 4
Start:Mar 6, 2011
End:Mar 6, 2012
Races to Count:7
View Race2012 NOD Ontario Cup #3 Feb 20, 2012Timmins, OntarioRegional Race3.8FreeDistance130:12:06.7071.56
View Race2011 Haywood Ski Nationals Int ClMar 15, 2011Canmore Nordic Centre Canadian Championship10ClassicDistance980:40:38.7071.32
View Race2011 Haywood Ski Nationals Mass Start FtMar 19, 2011Canmore Nordic Centre Canadian Championship7.5FreeDistance780:23:11.7070.97
View Race2012 LSSD Ontario CupJan 6, 2012Lappe Nordic Regional Race3ClassicDistance270:12:17.9070.19
View Race2012 NOD Ontario Cup #3 Feb 18, 2012Timmins, OntarioRegional Race5FreeDistance230:18:21.9068.93
View RaceHaywood NorAM Eastern Canadian Interval FreeFeb 4, 2012Cantley, QuebecRegional Race5FreeDistance560:16:37.4068.69
View Race2012 NOD Ontario Cup #3 Feb 19, 2012Timmins, OntarioRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance200:28:59.5068.68
View Race2011 Haywood Ski Nationals Int FTMar 13, 2011Canmore Nordic Centre Canadian Championship5FreeDistance960:16:42.1068.29
View RaceOntario Cup #4 Interval Start ClassicMar 4, 2012Highlands Nordic, DuntroonRegional Race10PursuitDistance220:44:15.1067.8
View Race2012 LSSD Ontario CupJan 8, 2012Lappe Nordic Regional Race5FreeDistance120:19:07.7065