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List:7th Seeding Points List Final
Start:Apr 9, 2016
End:Apr 9, 2017
Races to Count:7
View RaceThe95th ALL Japan Ski Championship (Cross-country)Jan 29, 2017TokamachiNational Championships20Distance552:05.694.97
View RaceFIS Far East Cup Sapporo Toyota Cup all Japan Cross-Country Race 2017Jan 8, 2017SapporoFar East Cup15Distance637:42.594.38
View RaceThe 88th International MIYASAMA ski GamesMar 3, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFIS Race10Distance129:38.494.33
View RaceDec 17, 2016Alpensia ResortFar East Cup15Distance200:41:48.194.31
View RaceThe 88th International MIYASAMA ski GamesMar 4, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFIS Race15Distance634:52.293.96
View RaceFIS FAR EAST CUP The34th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 27, 2016OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance931:10.793.38
View RaceSaariselan HiihdotNov 18, 2016SaariselkaFIS Race10Distance3430:19.993.07
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 35th Ito Cup All Japan Champion Ski RacesJan 6, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFar East Cup10Distance1127:58.192.82
View RaceJan 16, 2017Alpensia ResortFar East Cup15Distance300:36:57.292.56
View RaceSaariselan HiihdotNov 20, 2016SaariselkaFIS Race15Distance2838:59.492.22
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 12, 2016OlosFIS Race10Distance2400:22:33.791.98
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 13, 2016OlosFIS Race15Distance2300:31:26.291.82
View RaceJan 15, 2017Alpensia ResortFar East Cup10Distance700:27:46.690.4
View RaceFIS FAR EAST CUP The34th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 26, 2016OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance3736:54.188.55