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List:Period 3
Start:Feb 3, 2008
End:Feb 3, 2009
Races to Count:7
View RaceOwl Creek ChaseJan 16, 2009Aspen, COUS Ski Tour5Distance115:40.789.05
View RaceUniversity of New Mexico Invite<Feb 8, 2008Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance117:33.188.95
View RaceMontana State University Invite<Feb 22, 2008Bozeman, MT<FIS Race5Distance114:56.388.87
View RaceOwl Creek ChaseJan 17, 2009Aspen, COUS Ski Tour25Distance21:01:16.388.53
View RaceUniversity of Alaska InviteJan 10, 2009Anchorage, AKFIS Race5Distance233:50.488.22
View RaceUniversity of New Mexico Invite<Feb 9, 2008Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance215:37.787.89
View RaceSuper Tour OpenerNov 28, 2008West Yellowstone, MTUS Ski Tour10Distance536:06.187.75
View RaceSuper Tour OpenerNov 29, 2008West Yellowstone, MTUS Ski Tour10Distance526:00.087.5
View RaceUniversity of Alaska InviteJan 11, 2009Anchorage, AKFIS Race15Distance332:32.887.03
View RaceMontana State University Invite<Feb 23, 2008Bozeman, MT<FIS Race15Distance153:42.683.48
View RaceUS Cross Country ChampionshipsJan 5, 2009Anchorage, AKNational Championships5Distance4416:36.782.27