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List:rising stars ad hoc list
Start:Mar 20, 2018
End:Mar 20, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupFeb 17, 2019CogneWorld Cup10Distance1428:34.396.03
View RaceOPA Continental cupFeb 9, 2019PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance127:49.794.01
View RaceTROFEO DANTE CANCLINI e GIUSEPPE SOSIODec 2, 2018Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race7.5Distance122:23.993.99
View RaceDec 22, 2018Valdidentro - IsolacciaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance426:24.993.62
View RaceDec 23, 2018Valdidentro - IsolacciaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance829:27.393.3
View RaceTROFEO DANTE CANCLINI e GIUSEPPE SOSIODec 1, 2018Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race10Distance427:25.193.27
View RaceTROFEO 5 NAZIONIMar 28, 2018Passo LavazeInternational Military Sports Council5Distance411:51.992.62
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 16, 2018DavosWorld Cup10Distance3728:29.092.04
View RaceFIS Nordic World ChampionshipsFeb 26, 2019SeefeldWorld Ski Championships10Distance3429:31.491.92
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupNov 25, 2018RukaWorld Cup10Distance3930:47.091.7
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupMar 17, 2019FalunWorld Cup10Distance5028:37.189.29
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupJan 20, 2019OtepaaWorld Cup10Distance4734:41.387.34