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List:2018 CPL Di Seeding List #3
Start:Dec 23, 2016
End:Dec 23, 2017
Races to Count:7
View Race2017 Haywood NorAm Mini Tour Stage 1 Interval Start ClassicDec 15, 2017Rossland, BCNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance20:30:02.2093.59
View RaceSki Nationals 2017 Day 8: Long Mass FreeMar 25, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreCanadian Championship50FreeDistance102:00:00.1392.68
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupFeb 18, 2017ZwieselOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance4232:51.791.87
View Race2017 L.L.Bean U.S. Cross Country Ski ChampionshipsJan 10, 2017Soldier Hollow, UTNational Championships30Distance1701:24:55.391.81
View RaceSki Nationals 2017 Day 2: Short Interval FreeMar 19, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreCanadian Championship10FreeDistance80:24:32.4091.77
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupFeb 19, 2017ZwieselOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance2636:23.391.61
View RaceOPA Continentalcup - OPA Games U16/U18Mar 5, 2017St. UlrichOrganisation of Alps Nations30Distance291:34:27.891.61
View RaceSki Nationals 2017 Day 4: Medium Interval ClassicMar 21, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreCanadian Championship15ClassicDistance180:48:17.8091.43
View Race2017 Haywood NorAm Mini Tour Stage 3 Pursuit FreeDec 17, 2017Rossland, BCNor-Am Cup15FreeDistance110:40:04.0891.34
View RaceBeitosprintenNov 19, 2017BeitostoelenFIS Race15Distance6436:09.491.3
View RaceStatoil NC sen.Nov 26, 2017GaalaaFIS Race15Distance740:42:38.690.81
View RaceSwiss CupFeb 26, 2017CampraFIS Race15Distance1935:48.289.82
View Race2017 L.L.Bean U.S. Cross Country Ski ChampionshipsJan 7, 2017Soldier Hollow, UTNational Championships15Distance4037:20.289.1
View RaceSwiss CupFeb 25, 2017CampraFIS Race10Distance2626:22.888.86
View RaceBeitosprintenNov 17, 2017BeitostoelenFIS Race15Distance9944:16.388.47
View Race2017 Interval Start Free Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDec 10, 2017Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup15FreeDistance600:39:33.6087.11
View RaceStatoil NC sen.Nov 24, 2017GaalaaFIS Race15Distance1210:40:05.486.12
View RaceOPA Continentalcup - OPA Games U16/U18Mar 4, 2017St. UlrichOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance3339:58.485.31
View RaceFIS Nordic Junior World Ski ChampionshipsFeb 2, 2017Soldier HollowUnder 2315Distance4939:10.982.5