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List:Period 2 2008-09 Int'l
Start:Dec 23, 2007
End:Dec 23, 2008
Races to Count:7
View RaceOntario Cup #4 - Freestyle<Feb 23, 2008Laurentian University<Regional Race7.5FreeDistance40:18:30.7081.46
View RaceHaywood Nationals-Medium Distance<Mar 19, 2008Whistler Olympic Park<Canadian Championship10FreeDistance490:30:54.5079.91
View RaceHaywood NorAm 2/ 10&15 km Night RaceDec 13, 2008SOVEREIGN LAKE, BCNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance280:35:42.1079.11
View RaceHaywood Nationals DISTANCE CLASSIC<Mar 23, 2008Whistler Olympic Park<Canadian Championship15ClassicDistance40:54:20.1078.79
View RaceOntario Cup #4 - Pursuit<Feb 24, 2008Laurentian University<Regional Race5ClassicDistance120:15:52.8077.98
View RaceCoupe Haywood Cup/Teck Sprints/Ontario Cup #1Dec 21, 2008Duntroon, OntarioNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance40:41:17.5076.94
View RaceWorld Junior & U23 Trials<Jan 3, 2008Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON<Nor-Am Cup10PursuitDistance540:42:40.2075.96
View RaceOntario Cup #2 Free Technique<Jan 13, 2008Thunder Bay<Regional Race10FreeDistance110:36:13.3075.77
View RaceWorld Junior & U23 Trials Interval Start Classic<Jan 6, 2008Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON<Regional Race10ClassicDistance590:43:18.9074.85
View RaceOntario Cup #2 Classic<Jan 12, 2008Thunder Bay<Regional Race10ClassicDistance150:37:57.9073.77
View RaceHaywood Interval Start Free TechniqueDec 7, 2008SOVEREIGN LAKE, B.C.Nor-Am Cup10FreeDistance410:37:14.5073.75
View RaceHaywood Ski Nationals-Short Course<Mar 18, 2008Whistler Olympic Park<Canadian Championship5ClassicDistance780:19:29.1073.43
View RaceClassic Mass Start (Official Revised)<Feb 3, 2008Cantley, Quebec<Regional Race15ClassicDistance280:57:17.5071.98