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List:NP Period 5
Start:Apr 23, 2006
End:Apr 23, 2007
Races to Count:7
View RaceOntario Cup #4<Mar 4, 2007Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON<Regional Race7.5FreeDistance40:21:41.1075.86
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Short dist, Category<Mar 20, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship5FreeDistance720:17:52.3073.53
View RaceChampionnat de l'Est - Eastern Championships<Feb 4, 2007Gatineau<Regional Race10FreeDistance220:33:25.1973.4
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Long distance<Mar 25, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship10FreeDistance360:32:50.3372.03
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Medium dist Combined<Mar 21, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship5ClassicDistance530:18:16.5070.7
View RaceChampionnat de l'Est - Eastern Championships<Feb 3, 2007Gatineau<Regional Race7.5ClassicDistance1020:30:50.9867.59
View Race2006/7 Ontario Cup # 2<Jan 14, 2007Kamview Nordic Centre, Thunder Bay<Regional Race5ClassicDistance210:22:15.1066.15
View Race2006/7 Ontario Cup # 2<Jan 13, 2007Kamview Nordic Centre, Thunder Bay<Regional Race5FreeDistance410:19:32.8064.55