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List:CPL Dist List #5
Start:Feb 8, 2017
End:Feb 8, 2018
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Far East Cup Sapporo TOYOTA Cup All Japan Cross-Country Ski Race 2018Jan 8, 2018Sapporo shirahatayamaFar East Cup15Distance3939:36.887.92
View Race3rd CISM Winter World GamesFeb 24, 2017SochiInternational Military Sports Council15Distance2139:13.186.11
View RaceMar 1, 2017Alpensia ResortFIS Race10Distance800:28:36.985.29
View RaceMar 2, 2017Alpensia ResortFIS Race10Distance400:29:57.085.11
View RaceJan 12, 2018Alpensia ResortFar East Cup10Distance1200:27:01.883.94
View RaceImatran KylpylahiihdotNov 4, 2017Imatra,Ukonniemi stadionFIS Race10Distance1629:52.083.73
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 35th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 27, 2017OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance12333:52.683.21
View RaceJan 11, 2018Alpensia ResortFar East Cup10Distance1400:30:24.882.95
View RaceImatran KylpylahiihdotNov 5, 2017Imatra,Ukonniemi stadionFIS Race15Distance1141:48.981.46
View RaceWinter Games NZSep 7, 2017Snow FarmAustralia/New Zealand Cup10Distance1732:27.180.7
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 35th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 26, 2017OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance14040:12.580.51
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 36th Ito Cup All Japan Champion Ski RaceJan 6, 2018Sapporo shirahatayamaFar East Cup10Distance11532:16.680.04
View RaceWinter Games NZSep 9, 2017Snow FarmAustralia/New Zealand Cup15Distance1557:32.778.7