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List:Period 4 Men's Distance
Start:Mar 10, 2007
End:Mar 10, 2008
Races to Count:7
View RaceUS Cross Country Championships<Jan 3, 2008Houghton, MI<National Championships15Distance4244:47.289.91
View RaceUniversity of New Mexico Invite<Feb 8, 2008Red River, NM<FIS Race10Distance331:20.888.34
View RaceWestern State Invite<Feb 1, 2008Crested Butte, CO<FIS Race10Distance929:55.488.32
View RaceUniversity of Colorado Invitational<Jan 20, 2008Winter Park, CO<FIS Race15Distance1241:32.087.64
View RaceMontana State University Invite<Feb 23, 2008Bozeman, MT<FIS Race20Distance51:04:42.487.61
View RaceUniversity of Utah Invitational<Jan 12, 2008Soldier Hollow, UT<FIS Race10Distance1728:51.487.18
View RaceNCAA Championships<Mar 7, 2008Bozeman, MT<National Championships20Distance191:05:59.787.05
View RaceUS Cross Country Championships<Jan 1, 2008Houghton, MI<National Championships10Distance6727:30.586.68
View RaceMontana State University Invite<Feb 22, 2008Bozeman, MT<FIS Race10Distance1128:13.986.41
View RaceNCAA Championships<Mar 5, 2008Bozeman, MT<National Championships10Distance3133:48.284.75
View RaceUniversity of New Mexico Invite<Feb 9, 2008Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance1514:26.084.5
View RaceWestern State Invite<Feb 2, 2008Crested Butte, CO<FIS Race15Distance1938:25.284.12
View RaceUniversity of Colorado Invitational<Jan 19, 2008Winter Park, CO<FIS Race10Distance2228:35.382.85
View RaceUniversity of Utah Invitational<Jan 11, 2008Soldier Hollow, UT<FIS Race20Distance195:24.129.94