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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2005
End:Oct 1, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 21, 2006Mt. Itasca<Nor-Am Cup10Distance723:36.592.39
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 22, 2006Mt. Itasca<Nor-Am Cup10Distance627:06.192.2
View RaceCity of Lakes Loppet/Midwest Grand Prix<Feb 5, 2006St. Paul<Nor-Am Cup30Distance91:08:35.091.71
View RaceSpring Series<Mar 19, 2006Presque Isle<Nor-Am Cup15Distance1440:38.091.52
View RaceU.S. Cross Country Championships<Jan 7, 2006Soldier Hollow<National Championships15Distance1241:50.591.04
View RaceFairbanks, AK COC<Nov 6, 2005Fairbanks<Nor-Am Cup2x10Distance1958:11.890.1
View RaceU.S. Cross Country Championships<Jan 10, 2006Soldier Hollow<National Championships2x15Distance201:21:33.189.93
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 29, 2006Telemark<Nor-Am Cup15Distance935:50.589.62
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 28, 2006Telemark<Nor-Am Cup10Distance528:51.488.34
View RaceUS Spring Series<Mar 25, 2006Presque Isle Maine<Nor-Am Cup10FreeDistance1228:47.2087.94
View RaceU.S. Cross Country Championships<Jan 8, 2006Soldier Hollow<National Championships10Distance2327:38.587.55
View RaceWest Yellowstone, MT COC<Nov 26, 2005West Yellowstone<Nor-Am Cup10Distance3338:56.786.48