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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2004
End:Oct 1, 2005
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Far East Cup 22nd Otoineppu Cup<Dec 26, 2004Otoineppu<Far East Cup7.5ClassicDistance1122:09.591.27
View Race35th President Cup Ski Games<Feb 3, 2005Kangwon<Far East Cup10ClassicDistance326:43.290.82
View RaceSärnatävlingarna<Dec 4, 2004Sõrna<FIS Race10ClassicDistance826:39.088.98
View RaceFIS Far East Cup, 23rd Ito Cup<Jan 6, 2005Sapporo<Far East Cup10ClassicDistance727:52.387.99
View Race35th President Cup Ski Games<Feb 4, 2005Kangwon<Far East Cup15FreeDistance638:54.986.63
View RaceBUL Sprinten<Nov 28, 2004Gaalaa<FIS Race30PursuitDistance461:26:04.586.26
View RaceIdretävlingarna<Dec 5, 2004Sarna<FIS Race10FreeDistance1324:53.086.14
View Race76th International Miyasama Ski Games<Mar 5, 2005Sapporo<FIS Race10ClassicDistance628:11.586.02
View RaceFIS Far East Cup, 23rd Ito Cup<Jan 8, 2005Sapporo<Far East Cup15FreeDistance1845:46.685.11
View RaceFIS Far East Cup 22nd Otoineppu Cup<Dec 27, 2004Otoineppu<Far East Cup7.5FreeDistance3523:06.984.86
View Race76th International Miyasama Ski Games<Mar 4, 2005Sapporo<FIS Race15FreeDistance1940:58.681.35