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List:NP Period 5
Start:Apr 24, 2005
End:Apr 24, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS World Cup Cross-Country 2006 Sapporo<Mar 19, 2006Sapporo<World Cup2x7.5Distance245:36.899.97
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 24, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games30Distance41:22:40.899.7
View RaceSvenska Skidspelen<Mar 8, 2006Falun<World Cup2x5Distance1029:37.399.41
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 12, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games2x7.5Distance443:06.899.34
View RaceNorgesmesterskap<Jan 21, 2006Skrim<FIS Race2x7.5Distance146:36.899.26
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 16, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games10Distance428:21.098.89
View RaceFIS World Cup<Dec 31, 2005Nove Mesto<World Cup10Distance428:38.498.36
View RaceFIS World Cup<Dec 17, 2005Canmore<World Cup15Distance545:57.198.09
View RaceNorgesmesterskap II<Apr 1, 2006Vadsoe<FIS Race30Distance31:24:29.197.54
View RaceFIS World Cup<Dec 10, 2005Vernon<World Cup2x7.5Distance2344:16.395.92
View RaceWorld Cup<Jan 14, 2006Val di Fiemme<World Cup15Distance2342:45.095.83
View RaceWC Nordic Opening Kuusamo<Nov 26, 2005Kuusamo<World Cup10Distance2528:11.895.02
View RaceWorld Cup<Mar 11, 2006Oslo<World Cup30Distance141:23:22.894.6
View RaceFIS World Cup<Dec 15, 2005Canmore<World Cup10Distance1427:15.594.53
View RaceWC Nordic Opening Kuusamo<Nov 27, 2005Kuusamo<World Cup10Distance2426:30.594.31
View RaceWorld Cup<Nov 19, 2005Beitostoelen<World Cup10Distance5928:58.991.16