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List:Period 3
Start:Feb 3, 2008
End:Feb 3, 2009
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS World Cup Big Final 2008<Mar 14, 2008Bormio<World Cup2.5Distance308:23.493.21
View RaceCISM 2008<Apr 2, 2008Hochfilzen<International Military Sports Council10Distance100:30:08.192.98
View Race25 Gsieser Tal Lauf - Continental Cup<Feb 17, 2008Gsieser Tal Val Casies<Organisation of Alps Nations30Distance1001:05:55.692.91
View RaceFIS World Cup Big Final 2008<Mar 15, 2008Bormio<FIS Race10Distance3633:27.292.49
View RaceContinental Cup<Mar 9, 2008Capracotta<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance80:28:01.292.32
View RaceCoupe ContinentaleJan 3, 2009MeaudreOrganisation of Alps Nations5Distance150:14:59.191.78
View RaceContinental Cup<Mar 8, 2008Capracotta<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance70:15:58.291.03
View RaceOPA Cup Kurikkala<Feb 23, 2008Bayrischer Wald<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance60:14:41.490.77
View RaceCoupe ContinentaleJan 4, 2009MeaudreOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance150:34:43.590.46
View RaceRollerski World CupJun 27, 2008PiglioRoller Skiing5Distance821:35.190.07
View RaceFIS World Cup Big Final 2008<Mar 16, 2008Bormio<World Cup10Distance3535:31.785.76