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List:Period 2 2008
Start:Dec 20, 2006
End:Dec 20, 2007
Races to Count:7
View RaceContinental Cup<Jan 14, 2007Cogne<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance1328:56.192.55
View RaceNordic Junior World Championships<Mar 15, 2007Tarvisio<Under 2310Distance150:25:21.792.29
View RaceFIS-Continentalcup Langlauf<Dec 15, 2007St. Ulrich am Pillersee<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance170:14:32.790.96
View RaceNordic Junior World Championships<Mar 17, 2007Tarvisio<Under 2315Distance220:43:51.190.91
View RaceContinental Cup<Dec 8, 2007Formazza<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance40:16:10.390.18
View RaceFIS-Continentalcup Langlauf<Dec 16, 2007St. Ulrich am Pillersee<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance190:30:52.690.12
View RaceContinentalcup Langlauf<Jan 7, 2007Cogne<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance1013:00.589.43
View RaceContinentalcup Langlauf<Jan 8, 2007Cogne<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance1231:45.588.64
View Race49th World Military Skiing Championships<Mar 21, 2007Haanja<International Military Sports Council10Distance1534:49.287.98
View RaceFIS Rollerski World Championships + Junior WSC<Aug 30, 2007Oroslavje<Roller Skiing6Distance529:25.387.31
View RaceKurrikala Cup - Alpen Cup Final<Mar 3, 2007Val Casies<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance430:14:47.583.01