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List:Period 4
Start:Mar 5, 2009
End:Mar 5, 2010
Races to Count:7
View Race21st Olympic Winter GamesFeb 27, 2010Whistler Olympic ParkOlympic Winter Games30Distance151:33:58.396.37
View RaceOPAMar 15, 2009M├ętabiefOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance10:29:05.595.33
View RaceFIS World CupNov 29, 2009KuusamoWorld Cup10Distance3027:23.395.21
View RaceFIS Tour de Ski - FIS World CupJan 1, 2010OberhofTour de Ski2.8Distance236:57.694.91
View RaceBeitosprintenNov 14, 2009BeitostoelenFIS Race10Distance1431:14.594.07
View RaceFIS World CupDec 12, 2009DavosWorld Cup10Distance3028:17.594
View RaceBeitosprintenNov 15, 2009BeitostoelenFIS Race5Distance1715:23.193.91
View Race21st Olympic Winter GamesFeb 19, 2010Whistler Olympic ParkOlympic Winter Games15Distance3242:51.793.42
View RaceFIS World CupDec 20, 2009RoglaWorld Cup15Distance2848:16.793.35
View RaceFIS Tour de Ski - FIS World CupJan 2, 2010OberhofTour de Ski10Distance5237:18.592.54
View RaceOPAMar 14, 2009M├ętabiefOrganisation of Alps Nations5Distance130:12:32.391.48
View Race21st Olympic Winter GamesFeb 15, 2010Whistler Olympic ParkOlympic Winter Games10Distance4727:30.291
View RaceFIS World CupNov 21, 2009BeitostoelenWorld Cup10Distance5727:47.690.14
View RaceFIS World CupFeb 5, 2010CanmoreWorld Cup10Distance6129:54.383.9