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List:NP Period 2
Start:Dec 20, 2005
End:Dec 20, 2006
Races to Count:7
View Race36th President Cup Ski Games<Jan 18, 2006Kangwon<Far East Cup5Distance112:54.390.56
View Race36th President Cup Ski Games<Jan 19, 2006Kangwon<Far East Cup10Distance129:08.789.9
View Race77th International Miyasama Ski Games<Mar 4, 2006Sapporo<FIS Race10Distance229:39.388.57
View RaceFIS Far East Cup<Jan 7, 2006Sapporo<Far East Cup10Distance631:28.787.57
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 12, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games2x7.5Distance5749:01.287.37
View Race60th National Ski Championships<Jan 24, 2006Kangwon<National Championships10Distance128:08.386.8
View Race60th National Ski Championships<Jan 23, 2006Kangwon<National Championships5Distance114:59.186.62
View Race77th International Miyasama Ski Games<Mar 3, 2006Sapporo<FIS Race5Distance916:49.085.27
View RaceFIS Far East Cup<Jan 8, 2006Sapporo<Far East Cup5Distance518:35.285.12
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 16, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games10Distance6232:57.885.05