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List:Period 5
Start:Apr 25, 2009
End:Apr 25, 2010
Races to Count:7
View RaceLoppet Subaru Orford - style classiqueFeb 13, 2010Parc du Mont-OrfordRegional Race8ClassicDistance10:28:56.6083.18
View RaceDartmouth Winter CarnivalFeb 13, 2010Hanover, NHFIS Race15Distance1251:55.182.3
View Race2010 Haywood Nat's Med Free IntMar 17, 2010Whitehorse, YukonCanadian Championship10FreeDistance340:31:03.9081.71
View Race2010 Haywood Nat's Short CL IntMar 16, 2010Whitehorse, YukonCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance320:16:44.6081.25
View RaceUSSA Spring SeriesMar 26, 2010Fort Kent, MEUS Ski Tour7.5Distance3524:35.681.18
View Race2010 Haywood NorAm Easterns (classic mass start)Jan 31, 2010Cantley, QuebecNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance50:32:29.2079.99
View Race2010 Haywood Nat's Long CL MassMar 21, 2010Whitehorse, YukonCanadian Championship15ClassicDistance150:56:34.6079.65
View RaceStowe, SuperTourFeb 6, 2010Stowe, VTFIS Race5Distance2118:18.779.5
View RaceLoppet Subaru OrfordFeb 14, 2010Parc du Mont-OrfordRegional Race10FreeDistance80:33:08.2079.47
View RaceHaywood Noram Cup interval distanceJan 5, 2010ValcartierNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance400:35:44.6079.08
View Race2010 Haywood NorAm Eastern Canadian ChampionshipJan 30, 2010Cantley, QuebecNor-Am Cup5FreeDistance170:15:14.6078.98
View RaceCoupe Québec - 2ème tranche - LibreJan 17, 2010St-JérômeRegional Race5FreeDistance90:12:21.5078.96
View RaceFinale de la Coupe Québec 2010Apr 3, 2010RimouskiRegional Race10FreeDistance150:37:13.2076.93
View RaceUSSA Spring SeriesMar 28, 2010Fort Kent, MEUS Ski Tour5Distance3619:38.375.14
View RaceStowe, SuperTourFeb 7, 2010Stowe, VTFIS Race10Distance3136:20.574.91
View RaceHaywood Noram /Coupe Québec #1 poursuite REVISEDJan 2, 2010ValcartierNor-Am Cup10PursuitDistance200:37:57.2074.75
View RaceHAYWOOD NORAM - Interval Start SLN (FT)Dec 12, 2009SOVEREIGN LAKE, B.C.Nor-Am Cup10FreeDistance520:36:55.9073.77