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List:Period 2 CPL
Start:Dec 31, 2012
End:Dec 31, 2013
Races to Count:7
View RaceFinale Coupe Québec 2013Mar 17, 2013Parc Régional de Val David - Val MorinRegional Race15ClassicDistance150:51:41.7076.28
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nationals Interval Start-ClassicMar 26, 2013Callaghan Valley Cross CountryCanadian Championship10ClassicDistance640:41:45.8076.03
View RaceHaywood Noram CEC 2013 Free Presented By CycleryFeb 2, 2013NakkertokNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance450:32:37.5075.31
View RaceHaywood Noram CEC 2013 Lap Times Final StageFeb 3, 2013NakkertokNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance380:55:23.8074.44
View RaceFinale Coupe Québec 2013Mar 16, 2013Parc Régional de Val David - Val MorinRegional Race5FreeDistance260:15:10.6074.23
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nationals Interval Start-Free Mar 24, 2013Whistler Olympic ParkCanadian Championship5FreeDistance1250:14:52.3073.82
View RaceOntario Cup #4 - Mass Start ClassicMar 3, 2013Oro Station, OntarioRegional Race15ClassicDistance70:58:57.6073.56
View RaceHaywood NA Highlands Distance Interval ResultsJan 27, 2013Highlands NordicNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance330:38:53.6073.27
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nats - Mass Start - Free Tech.Mar 30, 2013Whistler Olympic ParkCanadian Championship30FreeDistance421:45:26.2067.71