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List:Period 3
Start:Jan 24, 2010
End:Jan 24, 2011
Races to Count:7
View Race2010 Haywood Nat's Short CL IntMar 16, 2010Whitehorse, YukonCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance860:18:35.1073.2
View RaceOntario Cup 4 and NOD Race Series - Sun ClassicFeb 14, 2010Windy Lake Provincial ParkRegional Race5ClassicDistance140:17:07.6073.19
View Race2010 Haywood Nat's Med Free IntMar 17, 2010Whitehorse, YukonCanadian Championship10FreeDistance980:35:28.9071.54
View RaceSOD Ontario Cup Day 2Feb 28, 2010Glebe Park, HaliburtonRegional Race15ClassicDistance41:05:47.6070.93
View Race2010 Haywood NorAm Easterns (classic mass start)Jan 31, 2010Cantley, QuebecNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance400:36:52.7070.46
View RaceOntario Cup 4 and NOD Race Series - Mon SkateFeb 15, 2010Windy Lake Provincial ParkRegional Race10FreeDistance190:36:00.9069.23
View RaceOntario Cup #1 - Free Technique, Mass StartDec 19, 2010Highlands Nordic, DuntroonRegional Race10FreeDistance80:41:16.6068.74
View Race2010 Haywood NorAm Eastern Canadian ChampionshipJan 30, 2010Cantley, QuebecNor-Am Cup5FreeDistance1050:17:44.4067.86
View RaceSOD Ontario CupFeb 27, 2010Glebe Park, HaliburtonRegional Race10FreeDistance50:34:11.3066.3
View Race2010 Haywood Nat's Long CL MassMar 21, 2010Whitehorse, YukonCanadian Championship15ClassicDistance741:12:33.0062.11