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List:Period 4
Start:Mar 4, 2008
End:Mar 4, 2009
Races to Count:7
View RaceHaywood Ski Nationals-Short Course<Mar 18, 2008Whistler Olympic Park<Canadian Championship5ClassicDistance430:21:44.7071.82
View RaceOntario Cup #4Feb 15, 2009Kamview Nordic CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance170:39:02.9071.13
View RaceOntario Cup #4Feb 16, 2009Kamview Nordic CentreRegional Race5ClassicDistance120:21:37.9070.92
View RaceHaywood Nationals-Medium Distance<Mar 19, 2008Whistler Olympic Park<Canadian Championship5FreeDistance820:19:38.1070.3
View RaceHaywood Nationals DISTANCE CLASSIC<Mar 23, 2008Whistler Olympic Park<Canadian Championship7.5ClassicDistance180:27:27.5069.72
View RaceOntario Cup # 2 - Day 1Jan 17, 2009North Bay, ONRegional Race8ClassicDistance80:32:44.1069.59
View RaceOntario Cup # 2 - Day 2Jan 18, 2009North Bay, ONRegional Race5FreeDistance340:19:10.7069.54
View RaceCoupe Haywood Cup/Teck Sprints/Ontario Cup #1Dec 21, 2008Duntroon, OntarioRegional Race5FreeDistance120:23:28.1068.56
View Race2008 Thunder Bay Championships/NTDC Invitational<Mar 8, 2008Kamview Nordic Centre<Regional Race7.5PursuitDistance20:31:19.2067.65