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List:NP Period 4
Start:Feb 27, 2005
End:Feb 27, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceOnt. Cup #4<Feb 11, 2006Sault Ste. Marie<Regional Race7.5ClassicDistance2227:51.3066.97
View RaceOnt. Cup #4<Feb 12, 2006Sault Ste. Marie<Regional Race7.5FreeDistance2525:42.3063.46
View RaceHaywood Eastern Canadian Championships<Feb 4, 2006Nakkertok, Ontario<Regional Race5ClassicDistance5521:29.7058.74
View RaceHaywood Canada Cup<Jan 5, 2006Valcartier Centre Myriam Bedard<Regional Race5ClassicDistance3721:17.4058.52
View RaceOntario Cup #2<Jan 14, 2006Lappe Nordic Thunder Bay<Regional Race7.5ClassicDistance1327:12.2058.3
View RaceOnt Cup 4 UB Overall Pursuit<Mar 18, 2005Windy Lake<Other5FreeDistance35:07.356.93
View RaceOnt Cup Race 4 UB 1st race<Mar 18, 2005Windy Lake<Other5ClassicDistance18:4856.39
View RaceHaywood Eastern Canadian Championships<Feb 5, 2006Nakkertok, Ontario<Regional Race5FreeDistance6320:00.7054.7
View RaceHaywood Canada Cup<Jan 8, 2006Valcartier Centre Myriam Bedard<Regional Race5FreeDistance4222:09.1054.52
View RaceOnt Cup 4 Mass Start UB<Mar 19, 2005Windy Lake<Other6.7FreeDistance23:39.454.18
View RaceOntario Cup #2<Jan 15, 2006Lappe Nordic Thunder Bay<Regional Race5FreeDistance2119:26.3051.97