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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2004
End:Oct 1, 2005
Races to Count:7
View RaceOnt Cup 4 UB Overall Pursuit<Mar 18, 2005Windy Lake<Other5FreeDistance35:07.356.93
View RaceOnt Cup Race 4 UB 1st race<Mar 18, 2005Windy Lake<Other5ClassicDistance18:4856.39
View RaceOnt Cup 4 Mass Start UB<Mar 19, 2005Windy Lake<Other6.7FreeDistance23:39.454.18
View RaceONTARIO CUP 2 DUNTROON DAY2 PURSUIT FREE 7.5 KM(12.5 K TOTAL) UB<Jan 16, 2005HIGHLANDS NORDIC SKI AREA DUNTROON<Regional Race7.5FreeDistance48:50.352.9
View RaceEasterns Juv B<Jan 29, 2005Relais de Plein Air<Continental Cup5ClassicDistance20:23.352.88
View RaceONTARIO CUP 2 DUNTROON UB CLASSIC 5KM<Jan 15, 2005HIGHLANDS NORDIC SKI AREA DUNTROON<Regional Race5ClassicDistance20:51.950.96