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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2004
End:Oct 1, 2005
Races to Count:7
View RaceEastern Canadians Juv JR G<Jan 30, 2005Relais de Plein Air<Continental Cup5FreeDistance18:55.560.61
View RaceHaywood Foret Montmorency 5k X<Dec 11, 2004Foret Montmorency<Continental Cup5ClassicDistance23:25.759.28
View RaceEastern Champs SW, JW JG<Jan 29, 2005Relais des Plein Air<Continental Cup5ClassicDistance22:46.359.26
View RaceSFQ 3 MT ORFORD CLASSIC GIRLS 10K MASS START<Feb 6, 2005MT ORFORD<Provincial Championship10ClassicDistance47:44.657.75
View RaceHaywood Mont Ste Anne JG UG X<Dec 19, 2004Mont Ste Anne<Continental Cup5.7FreeDistance21:58.857.43
View RacePREMIERES NEIGES (LIBRE) NOV.28-2004 5KFREE FILLE FORET MONTMORENCY<Nov 28, 2004FORET MONTMORENCY<Regional Race5FreeDistance18:38.356.56
View RaceHaywood Nor Am UG JG Mont Ste Anne X<Dec 18, 2004Mont Ste Anne<Continental Cup5FreeDistance27:41.856.03
View RaceFINALE COUPE SFQ JONQUIERE 7.5 KM FEMALE<Mar 26, 2005JONQUIERE<Provincial Championship7.5ClassicDistance1332:50.454.57
View RaceHaywood Foret Montmorency X<Dec 12, 2004Foret Montmorency<Continental Cup5FreeDistance22:16.653.55