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List:NP Period 2
Start:Dec 20, 2005
End:Dec 20, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceSvenska Skidspelen<Mar 8, 2006Falun<World Cup2x5Distance4030:58.895.06
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 16, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games10Distance2229:40.694.47
View RaceCoupe du Monde<Dec 16, 2006La Clusaz<World Cup15Distance3744:37.794.44
View RaceFIS World Cup<Feb 5, 2006Davos<World Cup10Distance2630:20.493.09
View RaceFIS Race<Jan 29, 2006Gap Bayard<FIS Race2x5Distance136:40.692.9
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 24, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games30Distance361:29:37.691.98
View RaceCISM Ski WM 2006<Mar 29, 2006Andermatt<International Military Sports Council10Distance927:29.691.91
View RaceWorld Cup<Dec 13, 2006Cogne/Val d'Aosta<World Cup10Distance4929:31.891.46
View RaceCoC + Alpencup<Jan 7, 2006St. Ulrich am Pillersee<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance300:14:44.591.36
View RaceFIS World Cup Cross-Country 2006 Sapporo<Mar 19, 2006Sapporo<World Cup2x7.5Distance3050:07.490.97
View RaceCoC + Alpencup<Jan 8, 2006St. Ulrich am Pillersee<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance1400:28:05.089.91