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List:Period 4 Women's Sprint
Start:Mar 10, 2007
End:Mar 10, 2008
Races to Count:4
View RaceFIS Nordic World Cup Opening<Dec 1, 2007Kuusamo<Sprint Qualification1.2Sprint72:42.4298.92
View RaceFIS Tour de Ski - FIS World Cup<Jan 4, 2008Asiago<Sprint Qualification1.2Sprint42:53.5198.81
View RaceSprint Skate<Jan 26, 2008Canmore, AB<World Cup1FreeSprint110:02:16.0997.95
View RaceWorld Cup<Mar 14, 2007Drammen<Sprint Qualification1Sprint73:14.4597.45
View RaceFIS World Cup<Feb 10, 2008Otepaa<Sprint QualificationXSprint73:36.3497.28
View RaceWC Lahti Ski Games<Mar 10, 2007Lahti<Sprint Qualification1.2Sprint192:47.9397.24
View RaceFIS World Cup<Mar 1, 2008Lahti<Sprint Qualification1.2Sprint302:48.1597.02
View RaceSprint Classic<Jan 23, 2008Canmore, AB<World Cup1ClassicSprint110:03:17.1797
View RaceWC<Mar 21, 2007Stockholm<Sprint Qualification1Sprint72:48.6696.49
View RaceFIS Tour de Ski - FIS World Cup<Dec 30, 2007Prague<Sprint Qualification1Sprint291:57.4995.9
View RaceFIS World Cup<Mar 5, 2008Drammen<Sprint Qualification1Sprint173:13.0295.52
View RaceFIS World Cup<Feb 27, 2008Stockholm<Sprint Qualification1Sprint362:42.4694.17