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List:1st Di CPL 2018-19
Start:Nov 22, 2017
End:Nov 22, 2018
Races to Count:7
View RaceU.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Finals and Long Distance National ChampionshipsMar 24, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor CenterUS Ski Tour10Distance326:08.698.13
View RaceFIS World CupNov 26, 2017RukaStage World Cup10Distance826:14.698.06
View RaceFIS World CupJan 28, 2018SeefeldWorld Cup10Distance1423:57.096.65
View RaceFIS World CupDec 10, 2017DavosWorld Cup10Distance1426:25.396.6
View RaceU.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Finals and Long Distance National ChampionshipsMar 27, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor CenterNational Championships30Distance301:27:48.996.23
View RaceFIS World CupMar 11, 2018OsloWorld Cup30Distance191:21:34.395.91
View RaceFIS World CupDec 3, 2017LillehammerWorld Cup15Distance1644:31.295.63
View RaceFIS World Cup FinalMar 18, 2018FalunStage World Cup10Distance2925:29.694.13
View RaceOlympic Winter Games 2018Feb 15, 2018PyeongChangOlympic Winter Games10Distance1626:50.493.81
View RaceFIS World CupJan 21, 2018PlanicaWorld Cup10Distance2328:59.193.76
View RaceFIS World CupNov 25, 2017RukaStage World Cup10Distance4827:22.192.33
View RaceOlympic Winter Games 2018Feb 10, 2018PyeongChangOlympic Winter Games15Distance4044:47.291.13
View RaceFIS World Cup FinalMar 17, 2018FalunStage World Cup10Distance5728:34.691.02