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List:NP Period 5
Start:Apr 23, 2006
End:Apr 23, 2007
Races to Count:7
View RaceUtah Invitational<Jan 14, 2007Soldier Hollow, UT<FIS Race10Distance1335:36.982.15
View RaceCU Invitational<Feb 2, 2007Steamboat Springs, CO<FIS Race5Distance718:07.482.1
View RaceWest Yellowstone COC<Nov 25, 2006West Yellowstone, MT<US Ski Tour10Distance1832:08.881.59
View RaceUNR Invitational<Feb 24, 2007Soda Springs, CA<FIS Race15Distance1134:02.381
View RaceUNM Race<Feb 9, 2007Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance919:17.279.81
View RaceUNM Race<Feb 10, 2007Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance1216:25.979.21
View RaceUNR Invitational<Feb 23, 2007Soda Springs, CA<FIS Race5Distance1516:37.379.03
View RaceJanuary 4, 2007 Individual Start<Jan 2, 2007Rossland BC<Nor-Am Cup5FreeDistance140:15:19.8078.84
View RaceUtah Invitational<Jan 13, 2007Soldier Hollow, UT<FIS Race5Distance1117:10.878.57
View RaceMSU Invitational<Jan 19, 2007Bohart Ranch, MT<FIS Race5Distance2515:48.778.16
View RaceCU Invitational<Feb 3, 2007Steamboat Springs, CO<FIS Race10Distance1439:23.578.09
View RaceHaywood NorAm Mass Start<Jan 7, 2007Rossland, BC<Nor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance100:54:34.5075.54
View RaceMSU Invitational<Jan 20, 2007Bohart Ranch, MT<FIS Race15Distance2459:31.375.45